Maximising  the opportunities your image can create

The entertainment industry encompasses many genres and covers a wide range of people such as artists, actors, sportsmen and women and prominent people in many walks of life. The growth of the “celebrity” or “personality” as a brand now presents both issues and opportunities. The rights of the “celebrity”  across all aspects of the media need to be both asserted and protected.

 Appropriate means of managing the earnings of well known people already exists but recent developments in the registration of image rights is now formally recognised in law through legislation in the Channel Island of Guernsey. This offers significant  potential for income generation.

 This new legislation covers not only the protection of name and image but also that of a range of other attributes from voice, signature and appearance to gestures, mannerisms and any other distinctive personal attribute or characteristic that contributes to the fame of the “celebrity”.

 Palladium has the expertise to ensure that every opportunity that the new Guernsey legislation on Image Rights offers is exploited to the full.